Galuh Pancawati, Budi Priyono, Aulia Rahmawati


Abstract, The smallest unit in society is a family. Family’s role is important in determining the quality of the nation. The issue of family resilience is important to study because national resilience is the accumulation from family resilience itself. Family resilience defined as the capacity of the family to withstand and rebound from stressful life challenges, emerging strengthened and even more being resourceful. First element that affects family resilience is the values that shared in inner circle of family, first and most matter value is gender equality and equity. This article looks at how the role of gender value towards family resilience. Gender values in this article consists of four dimensions, first family togetherness, next is husband and wife partnership, third is financial management openness and last one is about family decision making. The method used is a systematic literature review and online survey of two hundred millennial families. The survey was conducted using the Walsh Family Resilience Questionnaire (WFRQ) which divides the key to the family resilience process consisting of family belief systems, organizational patterns, and communication. Survey respondents are millennial married couples. The reason why focus on millennials because the number of millennials is the highest amongst the other generation, which reach 33.75%, with an almost equal number of men and women. The result show that gender value affects the level of family resilience. A balance relation between husband and wife become essential in family resilience. The more millennial a family, the more they value the balance relationship in the family. It also shows that family nowadays more open up to the gender equality and equity. This article conclude that nation resilience could achieved by increasing the understanding of gender in the family as first step.

Keywords: Gender, Family Resilience, Millennials



Gender, Family Resilience, Millennials

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